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Soft Tissue Therapist, Myotherapist

Amanda PoonAmanda became a soft tissue therapist after a career change from design, looking to make a difference in the ‘sitting down culture’ of today, and the various health implications it generates.

Amanda has experience in assessment and treatment of musculoskeletal dysfunction, dry needling and corrective exercises. And is passionate about professional development in the areas of myofascial release, neurodynamics and pain physiology.

In her spare time, Amanda likes exploring alternative modalities, hiking, camping and good coffee.

Amanda is excited to become a member of Active Soma having heard the positive out comes over the years from friends and family!

Amanda is a registered Myotherapist with advanced diplomas in both Myotherapy and Remedial Massage.

Like all therapists at ACTIVE SOMA, Amanda has undergone our extensive Induction and Training Program, to allow him to provide the same high standards we expect from all our therapists.

Professional Associations

  • Myotherapy Association Australia


Garrath evans

Soft Tissue Therapist, Remedial Massage Therapist

Garrath EvansGarrath's experience as a Soft Tissue Therapist has seen him deepen his involvement in direct Myofascial Release Techniques over the past 5 years. Garraths passion for helping others can be seen in his constant inquiry for learning and developing his broad skill set, and the satisfaction in seeing the positive changes that occur within his clients.

When not treating clients, and not being a parent to his two teenagers, Garrath leads a fairly active lifestyle. Regular interests include strength training, bike riding , and bush walking. Garrath's greatest joy however comes from paragliding.

Like all therapists at ACTIVE SOMA, Garrath has undergone our extensive Induction and Training Program, to allow him to provide the same high standards we expect from all our therapists.

Professional Associations

  • Massage & Myotherapy Australia



Exercise Physiologist, Soft Tissue Therapist guru in training 

Natalie Cockburn recently graduated from Deakin University with a degree in Exercise Sports Science, majoring in Nutritional Science, which compliments her work as a soft tissue therapist at Active Soma. Natalie is an experienced, motivational Personal Fitness Trainer with active and fitness retail expertise.

Natalie believes in respectful and loyal client interaction and is determined to work with clients to improve their quality of life through massage technique and movement education. She has an energetic, grateful outlook on life and is committed to excellence.

Natalie is currently working on completing her massage training while receiving ongoing support, mentoring, and training within ACTIVE SOMA. We are very fortunate to have Natalie as part of our ACTIVE SOMA family.

Nicholas Barbousas – Founder

Nicholas Barbousas

Founder, Active Soma

As Practitioner

Nicholas BarbousasNicholas is a Soft Tissue Therapist with more than 22 years direct experience in Muscular Therapy practice. Nicholas’s knowledge and training has evolved from extensive education and professional development with some of the best Soft Tissue centres of learning in the world. Nicholas has been the preferred therapist for several athletes, actors, business leaders, and medical consultants; both within Australia and abroad. His unique approach has made him a popular and sought after practitioner.

The development of Active Soma stems from Nicholas’s training in Structural Integration (Rolfing) and Myofascial Release; and the commitment he has to working with Posture Correction and Movement Education — exploring the relationships between our physical environment and its impact on posture and movement.

It is this experience and understanding that comes from over 20 years of working with manual and movement therapies that distinguishes Active Soma and its effective methods as a unique approach to health and wellbeing.

As Educator

Nicholas’s experience as an educator in Manual Therapy, Myofascial Release, and Posture Education spans several years, having been the inaugural convener and co-developer of the Myofascial Release program within the Bachelor and Masters degrees of Osteopathy, UWS; Myofascial Release programs within Industry Institutions; and his own privately run professional training.

Nicholas has now turned this knowledge and training skills inward, developing a working atmosphere in which practitioners employed with ACTIVE SOMA are able to develop their skill and understanding of soft tissue therapy while working in a supportive, collaborative, and rewarding environment.

Professional Associations

  • International Fascia Research Society — Founding Member
  • RISI — Rolf Institute of Structural Integration
  • ATMS — Australian Traditional Medicine Society

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