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With over 23 years of development ACTIVE SOMA understands your concerns and needs.

Our proven approach provides a unique and supportive process that systematically works to uncover, treat, and empower change - improving the quality of your life.



At Active Soma We Understand

At Active Soma We Understand



We understand the importance of Posture Care. We pride ourselves in making it a key element in our client wellbeing.

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Our practitioners understand the important link between improving performance by taking a whole body approach.

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At Active Soma we understand that a whole body approach is required to assist in creating a sense of physical wellbeing.

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Our Approach Uses

Our Approach Uses


Whole Body Approach


The degree to which we can encourage the whole body to move is the level of change that is possible - enhancing cooperation within the 'parts' to improve the 'whole' person is key to change.

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Soft Tissue Therapies


Myofascial Release is a process of soft tissue manipulation and therapeutic intervention that utilizes the direct application of fingers, knuckles, and elbows on surface regions with underlying fascial restrictions to facilitate change within the myofascial network.

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What Are People Saying

What Are People Saying


Testimonial 1

I am in the Natural Therapies industry myself and with a chronic problem I have seen a lot of bodywork practitioners. I can honestly say I have never known of anyone as skilled and effective as ACTIVE SOMA. I am sure this is the main reason I remain upright. Seeing ACTIVE SOMA will be the biggest favour you could ever do for your body.

Testimonial 2

Before...I had constant sciatic pain and a lot of other constant pain with my legs and hips. After the ACTIVE SOMA treatment I no longer wake at night with pain and have little pain ever, my legs are noticeably straighter, I walk and exercise at a higher levels.

Testimonial 3

ACTIVE SOMA has an amazing understanding of the human body. Not only were they able to accurately detect and successfully correct my presenting problems, we have gone further and I feel very close to achieving a complete sense of "integration"

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