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Wellbeing Workshop Series


Nutrition, Rest, and Exercise - Just for women.

We are excited to be offering a 3 workshop series in collaboration with Elissa Jewell.

The small group environment will allow the workshops to be tailored to your needs, building on the previous session while adding to the next. Elissa will support you through the process of scheduling exercise rest and recovery time, optimise stress management, and consolidate it all off with a nutrition plan that you take away and work with.

Week 1. Why diets fail and why you don't use your gym membership (Mindset and Goal Setting)

This workshop will cover:

  1. Understanding the common mistakes, pitfalls, and challenges we face when attempting to improve our health and fitness.
  2. Learning to prevent burnout and becoming overwhelmed by setting reasonable, achievable goals and,
  3. Understand the nature of motivation and how to build sustainable habits.

Week 2. No rest for the wicked(ly) busy (Hormones/Physiology)

This workshop will cover:

  1. The fundamental aspects of helping to improve your energy, health and fitness when available time is working against you.
  2. Approaches that may assist in improving your sleep,
  3. Ways to find healthy food quickly, and
  4. How important managing stress can be for your wellbeing.

Week 3. Healthy food planning for fast-paced lives (Nutrition Education)

This workshop will cover:

  1. How to manage energy when living a busy lifestyle,
  2. How certain macronutrients, minerals/vitamins etc impact energy, and,
  3. How to structure your meals, with Elissa providing some of her useful guides on how to prepare several meals with little effort.



These guided small group coaching sessions will include written handouts and workbooks which everyone can use and refer back to during each subsequent session.

Elissa will also make herself available between the seminars to discuss any questions and issues that may arise throughout this process. Our aim is to provide a supportive environment in which your questions and goals can be thoroughly and thoughtfully considered.

This series is capped to allow for individual care and for Elissa to be able to speak to the needs of the individual.



Strength and Conditioning Coach, Public Speaker, Corporate Health Consultant and Sports Nutritionist with a revolutionary approach to health and fitness.

Elissa's experiences dealing with the issues and concerns of the working woman created a passion to educate others and help them avoid the same pitfalls. Elissa shares her passion for creating strength in both mind and body to promote a sustainable, moderate approach instead of fad diets and quick fixes.

Elissa’s experience working in a corporate environment means she also understands and has experienced the pitfalls of the modern, sedentary office worker and the impact which poor health choices can make not just on the individual, but on the culture and performance of an entire company.



Upcoming classes for Spring will be announced soon. Thank You.


Individual weeks: $50

All 3 weeks: $120*

* Note: This includes ongoing support from Elissa throughout the 3 week process.