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Fascia is the organ of posture

Fascia interconnection - Part 2

Fascia: Organ of Posture

It is through the relationship of the interconnecting networks that the fascial system draws its importance to the Soft Tissue Therapist. Fascia which links all the segments of the muscular system when the body is healthy, may also reshape the body when it is pulled out of alignment - affecting posture.

Fascia is the organ of postureVisualize an example where you suffer a fall, and as a result you limp for a few weeks. This limping will be altering the natural 'function' of your walking pattern. Your left hip may rise higher than your right to compensate. Your head may also thrust forward to balance your hips.

Imagine if you were to just go on with this pattern and slowly over time it 'healed' in such a way that a new pattern was put in the place of the original pattern.

It is here that problems may arise.

By pushing the body out of alignment, fascia, being elastic will take on the new found limitations of movement and posture. Potentially creating a new sense of what it is to be standing “up” or moving forward.

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