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Support and Mentoring

Why is it important to have mentoring?

In a competitive market place where schools are producing graduates at a remarkable pace, it becomes increasingly important to differentiate yourself from your peers.

The Active Soma Approach for training and developing practitioners was developed to fill a need within the manual therapy profession; creating a 'Transition to the profession' model that allows new and near new graduates the confidence, techniques, and strategies necessary to develop and grow as a practitioner.

Coaching as a tool within the mentoring process

Most colleges offer the basic skills required to begin the practitioner journey. While exciting, this enthusiasm is often met with a very real realization, that your ‘tool box’ just doesn’t have all the necessary equipment to assess, treat, and manage a whole range of issues.

For the successful applicants

The mentoring and coaching programs place you, the successful applicant, in a position to explore and develop your capacity to work as an autonomous therapist; developing a sustainable practice based on evaluating and progressing your skills, knowledge, and ability to foster a life long learning approach.

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