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Improve Your Posture With Active Soma 

Our posture cannot be considered as a single act or position, but a unique moment in time that captures only one possible postural position.

How is it that we can identify a friend or loved one from a distance? Is it the color of their hair? The clothes they wear? Often it goes beyond this, to an attitudinal posture or way of walking or standing that separates one person from another.

The upright standing posture is a beginning, not an end to uncovering perfect posture. It is used as a benchmark by which we begin the posture assessment process, allowing uncovered changes to be a movement away from and/or towards our 'ideal' posture.

“Proper posture is believed to be the state of musculoskeletal balance that involves a minimal amount of stress and strain on the body” (Yip et al, 2008, p. 148)

Common Posture Patterns

However when this balance is altered by habit, accident, injury, or some other unwanted issue, then we are likely to fall into postural disorder. Many do not see poor posture patterns as an issue that requires attention or intervention. Quite often the effects of poor posture are in the background - an afterthought of something that we may attend to in time. While this in itself is understandable, for most of us it is when problems arise that any suggestion to improving our posture is considered (much like when a toothache leads us to a dentist).

Often, when we are in pain or discomfort, our first thought is to work towards remedying this state. You search out a therapist who will work on the area of pain and wonder why things are not improving. It is at this point when a broader picture of what is happening is necessary. It is now that a therapist with training and understanding of integrating posture patterns will assist you in identifying your posture pattern and work with you to improve posture, performance, and wellbeing.


Common Posture Patterns

Kyphosis Lordosis Posture

Flat Back Posture

Sway Back Posture

Hyper Erect Posture

Forward Head Posture


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