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Posture eBook

Five Steps to Better Posture

“A balanced body is a study in patience”


Understanding how you live in your body is an ongoing process that requires time and sometimes more than a little help from others.

The whole notion of “perfect posture” can drive us into a spin. Too often we rely on feedback from others or our reflection in a store window to affirm that we are doing OK.  Does the cautionary whisper from a parent to not slouch really work? Or is it just a change for a moment in time before we lapse back into our comfort zone when the coast is clear?


Posture eBook

Inside you will find:

  1. Five easy steps to help you on the road to better posture;
  2. Basic Anatomy (including diagrams) to deepen your understanding;
  3. Further Posture considerations;
  4. Extra 'Cheat Sheet';

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