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Myofascial Release

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What is Myofascial Release

The practice of Myofascial Release requires the practitioner to discriminate between other soft tissue approaches.

Active Soma Myofascial ReleaseMyofascial Release is a process of soft tissue manipulation and therapeutic intervention that utilizes the direct application of fingers, knuckles, and elbows on surface regions with underlying fascial restrictions to facilitate change within the myofascial network.

Differing schools of thought govern practice within the loosely termed area of Myofascial Release. It would be a gross misunderstanding to place all approaches into one basket as theory, practice, and application varies considerably between these diverse methods. Myofascial Release as taught and practiced through ACTIVE SOMA has a lineage which finds some genesis within the Myofascial Release taught at the Rolf Institute. Please note that at no stage is this program aligned with the Rolf Institute, nor does it resemble a direct protocol as taught within the Rolf Institutes curriculum.


Myofascial release: A distinctive process

Myofascial Release of QuadricepsSlow, deep pressure is applied directly on skin, sinking slowly, until the practitioner reaches the restricted fascial layer. When the point of restriction is reached, allow the underlying tissue to melt away from your touch. This loosely applied term provides the practitioner an analogy to better understand the intention of the intervention, and as an extension the need to allow change to occur, rather than force an agenda of release. The art of this work comes down to the ability of the practitioner to ‘meet’ the client at the point of restriction.

The slow, deliberate release requires sensitivity by the practitioner that encourages constant feedback between practitioner and client. Issues regarding level of depth and amount of pressure applied are constantly arising in practice. There is a fine line between appropriate forces and contact that promotes direct pain and insult to the local tissue. The techniques may also be used with or without accompanying movement initiated by the client.

The practice of Myofascial Release requires the practitioner to discriminate between other soft tissue approaches, and the use of Myofascial Release as a distinctive intervention process. Myofascial Release is as much a reflective process requiring the practitioner to be patient, still and quiet; the greater the ease within ourselves, the practitioner, the easier it becomes to fulfill our clients needs.

Further Information on Myofascial release:

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