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Foundations of Myofascial Release

Foundations of Myofascial Release

Foundations of Myofascial Release

One Day Series

In these practical hands on classes Myofascial Release procedures will be explored with an emphasis on developing an understanding of the impact that these soft tissue interventions can have on posture and function. Direct Myofascial Release and Fascial Unloading techniques will be taught as effective methods of addressing and remediating myofascial dysfunction.

The classes will also explore elements of common posture patterns as they are reflected within the various body segments.

Emphasis will be placed on body reading and visual analysis as they relate to the relevant myofascial interventions, while highlighting the need to develop and foster practitioner confidence and trust – necessary in developing this skill.

The Ankle, Lower Extremity, and Pelvis

  • Myofascial implications at the Foot and Ankle.
  • Myofascial considerations above and below the knee.
  • Femur to Pelvis Myofascial relationships.
  • Fascial and Ligamentous relationships at the Pelvis.

The Shoulder Girdle and Upper Extremity

  • Forearm including deep interosseous fascia.
  • Upper Extremity into Axial Fascial Relationship.
  • Scapula Fascial Relationships to Axial Complex.
  • Upper Extremity relationship to Scapula.

The Axial Complex, inc. Head and Neck

  • Anterior & Posterior Torso Myofascial Relationship – Flexion/Extension.
  • Core to Lower Extremity Relationships.
  • Upper Extremity to Axial Relationships.
  • Pelvis to Axial Relationships.

Each Class Will:

  • Apply Myofascial Release Procedures to the relevant myofascial structures.
  • Examine the relevant fascial anatomy of the region.
  • Expand upon Body Reading workshop.
  • Examine Common complaints.
  • Apply Myofascial Release strategies to enhance function.

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