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Athlete Bodybuilding Myofascial Release Massage

The Athletes Body and ACTIVE SOMA

It is important that your therapist understands the Athletes needs


How can we help?

At ACTIVE SOMA we work extensively with fitness and bodybuilding professionals.AS Seated Athlete

We understand the need to systematically address the interplay that occurs within and between segments of the body. By addressing the unique needs and goals of the individual we can effectively assist athletes and bodybuilders uncover patterns that allow improved function for a more responsive and freer body.

Training with proper form allows weight to fall evenly and efficiently through the body, minimising poor development of muscle growth and joint function.

However, bodybuilding for example, by its very nature demands of the body a constant shortening through isolated movements to aid the growth process. It is in this interplay that limitations in both range of motion and direction of joint forces can impact on muscle development and growth gains. Addressing Myofascial and functional changes due to unnecessary overworking of target areas, both within muscles and the supporting connective tissue (Fascia) matrix are key in minimising the chance of injury.

So what exactly is Fascia?

What’s going on?
Consider the body functioning as a 'whole' unit - from the top of the head to the tip of your toes. Each part connected to its neighbour by a combination of muscle, tendon, ligament, and joint capsule. All actions working in concert to offer full body movement, or as athletes or gym enthusiasts know it as - sequences of compound movement patterns.

What are compound movements?
Compound movements allow the body to work with a range of joints and levers that may accomplish movement and performance goals across multiple joints and muscle groups. A great example is the Squat, which allows movement through lower extremity, core, and above through position and control.

What are isolated movements?
Isolated movements are geared to provide movement of a single function, and or muscle group from point A to point B, with very specific aims, for example the Biceps Curl. While we can broadly describe a Bicep Curl as a isolated movement affecting the specific muscle group, in reality many associated muscles come into play and are affected.


So what can we do about it?

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