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With 23 years continuous development our therapists understand your needs. 

ACTIVE SOMA provides a unique and supportive process that systematically works to uncover and treat muscular and postural imbalances that can hinder our ability to move with ease - relieving pain and discomfort.

Our approach:

  • Integrates with ongoing treatments from allied health and/or exercise specialist
  • Perfect for athletes
  • Effective for pain relief
  • Chronic pain specialists
  • Proven success
  • Developed over 23 years

All our therapists work within a common framework that unifies our purpose and allows our clients experience a seamless transition from one therapist to another.

At our core

We understand that poor quality treatments lead to little or no change. At Active Soma we’ve developed treatment protocols, processes, and strategies that can free you from pain while:

  • Improving Posture
  • Increasing Performance
  • Enhancing Wellbeing

Active Soma has at its core a commitment to foster these fundamentals in clients - to live a fulfilling and pain free life.

Our goal of improving the lives of our clients is strengthened by diverse soft tissue therapy skill set that provides a broad base from which we can draw from.

At ACTIVE SOMA we believe that it is possible to:

  • Improve overall wellbeing by improving posture and its effect on performance (behaviour),
  • Reduce Pain,
  • Unlock tension,
  • Improve balance, mobility, and physical harmony,
  • Increase strength and flexibility,
  • Increase confidence,
  • Allow for more movement.

The ACTIVE SOMA Approach works with existing models and paradigms that can be found in other complementary disciplines. However, what they don't consider is the association of these elements to work as a comprehensive and cooperative process: empowering the individual.

We trust in our processes - and believe that what we can assist you to meet your treatment goals and needs.


Our People

Our highly trained therapists come from a diverse range of Soft Tissue approaches, joining Active Soma with the commitment to work with our unique brand of care and service.

All therapists undergo an extensive induction and training program with our principal therapist, Nicholas Barbousas. This training process allows all therapists the fundamental skills required to achieve the consistently high standards found within Active Soma.

Ongoing ‘in house' continuing education fosters collaborative and peer supporting methods that make each therapist strive to do his or her best. This attitude is a keystone to why your needs, outcomes, and ultimate sense of wellbeing remain at the forefront of both your individual treatment, and long term care.

It is our professional commitment to provide you with a quality treatment experience that will make us your first choice.

Are you interested in working within this exciting new context?

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